What is GJWB?

Girls Just Wanna Box™(GJWB) launched by Kristina Ejem in 2007, is a lifestyle and fitness brand aimed at promoting and supporting females who want to box for fun, or for real.  Girls want to get fit, feel strong, be healthy… mind, body and soul.  Empower themselves to be whatever their heart desires.  Follow their dreams, conquer their fears, work towards goals and become a catalyst for others to do the same.  Girls REALLY do just wanna box and reap the benefits that boxing has to offer in the form of body transformation and confidence!  Oh yeah, and it’s also fun to punch stuff!  This is the philosophy of GJWB™  The initiative was created as a result of the extreme under representation and minimal support extended to women both financially, professionally and socially, throughout the sport’s history.  We are hoping to change this!

How we operate

The brand has 2 facets: The ‘For Fun’ side is for those who want to learn the sweet science as a hobby or for fitness.  The ‘For Real’ side is to support amateur and professional female boxers.  How they work together is that the real female boxers will be certified to run the fun GJWB programs, giving them job opportunities in their chosen career and the girls on the fun side get to work with inspiring real female boxers like Mandy Bujold!  Currently there are GJWB classes being run at Clancy’s Boxing Academy and the certification programs are being finalized.  The women taking the classes currently are of all ages, and most are beginners.  Kristina is working on a GJWB custom clothing line, fun & functional made for women boxing gear, athlete sponsorship programs, blog, comic book and more!

GJWB mandate

GJWB’s mission is to build awareness of the female-boxing industry and support the females who want to box for FUN and/or for REAL.


Kristina Ejem

Kristina Ejem

Kristina Ejem is the Managing Director of CBA, founder of Girls Just Wanna Box™ and the event producer of Agency Wars. Her programs for CBA are based on what she always wished she could find training at boxing & MMA gyms around the world. Through a difficult fight path her love of boxing didn’t waiver and she went on to compete in a corporate boxing event she produced. A few days post fight night she decided her path was to make this amazing life changing sport available to everyone and anyone. That was in 2007, and Girls Just Wanna Box™ was born.

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Mandy Bujold

Her amateur boxing career was launched following a successful 2006 when she claimed the Canadian National Championship and Boxer of the Year titles. She now has 9 National Championships, 4 Continental Championships and a Gold medal for the first Pan-American Games and a bronze medal at the recent Commonwealth Games that had women competing for the first time. She is an ambassador for the Pan-American Games 2015 (Toronto, Canada) as well as an Olympic Games 2016 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) hopeful.

Natasha Staniszewski

Natasha Staniszewski

Natasha is a host for SportsCentre on TSN. Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta; Natasha has proven and will continue to prove that she belongs among the best sportscasters in Canada and we are really excited to have her on the GJWB Team. She is new to boxing but she isn’t new to protecting the pretty and being in the spotlight while navigating in a man’s world!

GJWB For Real

Girls that wanna box for real will soon be a community page, blog, and support system for competitive boxers.  Whether its the latest boxing technology available, a question about nutrition or the best ways to attract funding and sponsorship we will address all these relevant topics.  It will also be a certification where female boxers can officially become part of the team and bring these classes and programs to their gym or community.  GJWB equipment and clothing also launching soon!

GJWB For Fun

Girls that wanna box for fun is already happening!  Always wanted to box? What is holding you back!?  Learning the sweet science at any age is the fastest way to get in shape and keep your mind challenged.  You can take classes or 12-week fast tracks at Clancy’s Boxing Academy here in Toronto the home of GJWB.  Remember you don’t have to get hit to get fit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t train like a fighter!

#protectthepretty   Project  –  follow us

GJWB For Teens

GJWB launched a #protectthepretty Teen project whereby amateur & professional athletes, other female boxers and notable personalities in sport will go to high schools and elementary schools across the city to teach young girls how to ‘protect the pretty’ through boxing and all the positives associated with it.  Our mission is to give these girls confidence, keep them in shape, breakdown gender stereotypes and allow them into a world not always open to them but is so beneficial.  “Protecting the pretty” not only refers to keeping your hands up while boxing to protect your face, but for young girls, it means protecting their privacy from a social media perspective, protecting their bodies by keeping them healthy with proper nutrition and the body image of what a strong confident girl can be.  Our first GJWB session was held last year whereby 40+ girls came out from Lawrence Park High-School for an afternoon field trip, and the outcome and responses were phenomenal.  As a result we will continue to gain support so that we can run these seminars in schools across the province in 2015 to discuss the sport, living a healthy lifestyle, and feature “Girl Power” talks that touch on mental health, bullying, positive energy, and empowerment through boxing and sport.

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Kristina Ejem



Laura Colonna

Grants Manager/Producer


Shauna Ireland

Ireland and Hall – Media & Press


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The Home Of GJWB

Clancy’s Boxing Academy
100 Sunrise Avenue, Unit 119
Toronto  ON  M4A 1B3
Ph: +1 416-285-0222

Clancy’s Boxing Academy website