'Ivory Gold & Purple' Velcro Strap Sparring Gloves 16oz.

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These GJWB women's sparring gloves have been designed to feel protective for both the boxer's hands and the opponent's face. These gloves have been designed  for women of all ages and fight weights.

16oz. Women's Boxing Sparring Gloves are not recommended for bag use.

🌱 Non-leather; made from polyurethane.

+ This 4 layer foam is continued throughout the hand with the majority of the foam  weighted in the knuckle padding. The construction is designed specifically to fit and protect women's hands. 

+ The attached split thumb has adjusted sizing.
+ GJWB has a shorter cuff with stronger velcro for additional wrist support.
+ The inner lining has a double sewn lip where your fingertips are (and/or nails) to prevent fabric tears.
+ The soft inner lining is moisture resistant and breathable.
+ Signature #protectthepretty on the inside of the shortened wrist wrap to remind you to keep your hands up, chin down.

*When GJWB gloves are paired with our handwraps your punches feel like butter in the gloves; bye-bye bloody knuckles.

*Don't forget our PTP spray to keep your gloves fresh and funk free. 

*All colours and styles are all limited editions, we cannot guarantee any restocks.

SIZING GUIDE: Sparring - (16oz.) 

Sizing Guide:
* Please note if you are smaller framed think about sizing down. 
Approx. size guide, this will vary based on what type of fit you enjoy. 

CLICK HERE for sizing photo guide.
Or visit us in-studio/virtual for a glove fitting.

ONE SIZE fits all. 

*PLEASE NOTE all of our equipment is made with man-made fibres and can melt under direct sunlight or extreme heat for extended periods of time. Do not leave in your car or in direct sunlight.

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