Women's Boxing GJWB Signature Reversible Handwraps

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GJWB Double Sided Handwraps with Foam Knuckle Guard.

110 cm - quick wrap for small hands not ideal for wrapping through the knuckles  unless you have smaller hands, or would work for kids.

These patent pending reversible handwraps are made with vibrantly coloured and/or patterned soft gauze-like fabric.

-They feature double sponge padding for extra knuckle protection (no more cutting of kitchen sponges and adding to wraps).
- Each pair is sold in a PTP fabric wash bag for that can be easily placed in your washing machine and avoid velcro sticking to your delicates!
- GJWB's mandate is to help you #protectthepretty and that includes your knuckles, or any other injury that can come from intense bag or pad sessions.
- Throw your wraps in your PTP wash bag and spray our GJWB Fresh Spray inside, hang later if still damp. Either way the smell is amazing after a tough work out.

* Pair our handwraps for a super snug fit with our gloves, for ultimate comfort and protection.

* Colours and styles are all limited editions, we cannot guarantee any restocks.