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Female boxer and coach post fight

Winning vs loosing an amateur fight

Coach Helene here - I felt compelled to write this because I just came back from watching the Brampton Cup tournament... more

GJWB start image

The GJWB Team!

In June 2021 we announced our TEAM GJWB Ambassador team!! But do you know who they are?!  Depending on your learning... more

GJWB partners Helene and Kristina on the step and repeat

International Women's Boxing Hall of Fame 2023/2024

Two weeks ago, GJWB brought a group from Toronto & Newfoundland to the 2023/2024 International Women’s Boxing Hal... more

Boxer writing in their boxing journal

Why is it important to journal as a boxer?

I bet if you were to ask what three things’ boxers need to have in their fight camp, most people would say: boxing (h... more

2 boxers in the ring with official waiting for judges results

Pre-fight Nerves

Coach Helene here writing this because we have received a few messages about this topic and some of you will be enter... more

female boxers inside a boxing ring

Why women should spar women

We fight other women in the ring Weight difference isn't equal Boxing styles are different These are just a few of... more