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6 Week Tune - UP Program

6 Week Tune Up Programs 
Ready to listen and...

6 Week Tune Up Programs 

Ready to listen and be coached to reach your goal? 

Ready for a program that is fun and gets you fit - FAST. Ready to make life long changes and never to worry about what to eat or what exercise will work best for you? 

Then you are ready to rumble with this program! Congratulations!

The focus will be on continuing your progress and reaching your goals whether you want to compete or not, get in better shape and/or switch that fat to muscle ration?! Time to do something for yourself, your health, and your future right now! If you are looking at this, you are READY! GJWB is here to help you help yourself!  We are here to teach you tools and habits to creating an amazing fighting fit life!


What’s your Fight Weight?
The GJWB team will...

What’s your Fight Weight?

The GJWB team will be running these programs quarterly and we will work with you to help you reach and determine your fight weight (the weight you are at your strongest, healthiest and happiest) with an equally motivated group of women. If you are not ready for this program we will set you up with a plan to get you to this step. This program includes your private group classes, full body scanning at the beginning and end of your program with our STYKU* machine, full nutritional program, and scheduling to fit your life! Testimonials coming soon!