Nutritional Program - What's your Fight Weight?

Boxing X Nutrition

If you are looking for: women's only group training, home-workouts, customized meal plan, bi-weekly weigh-ins and accountability?!

Then you are ready to rumble with this program! Congratulations!


What’s your Fight Weight for REAL?

Are you a competitive or soon to be competitive boxer looking for a nutritional program and/or coach to get you to your fight weight with a healthy and sustainable program?!

Tired of cutting weight and no one giving you a program that makes you feel strong and full of energy while eating allot of the right foods for you as an individual and a competitive athlete. GJWB has been working on their 'Fight Weight' Programs for years with Nutritional coaches and athletes to test and tweak with great success! Contact us for a free online assessment to determine if our program is right for you. 


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