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6 Week Women's Program - What's your Fight Weight?

6 Week Women's Programs
Calling all women that...

6 Week Women's Programs

Calling all women that are ready to listen and be coached to reach your goal! 

Ladies - are you ready for a program that is fun and gets you fit - FAST. Ready to make life long changes towards the goal of never having to worry about what to eat or what exercise will work best for you? Women's group training, home workouts, customized meal plan, bi-weekly weigh-ins and accountability to your new women's boxing crew. 

Then you are ready to rumble with this program! Congratulations!


What’s your Fight Weight for REAL?

Are you a competitive or soon to be competitive boxer looking for a nutritional program and/or coach to get you to your fight weight with a healthy and sustainable program?!

Tired of cutting weight and no one giving you a program that makes you feel strong and full of energy while eating allot of the right foods for you as an individual and a competitive athlete. GJWB has been working on their 'Fight Weight' Programs for years with Nutritional coaches and athletes to test and tweak with great success! Contact us for a free online assessment to determine if our program is right for you. 👊🏼🏆


Our Programs are all available as part of the...

Our Programs are all available as part of the GJWB ⚡️VBC Virtual Boxing CLUB - Learn to Box online with us!