Level 3

You've got to have HEART to box is an expression your hear allot in boxing. Our level 3 of the program is where you decide where your heart lies in this amazing sport of boxing.

HEART Level 3 - Intermediate/Advanced

Our Heart Level 3 is when we tap into the heart of boxing and it's time to choose: do I want to continue boxing for Fun or do I want to box for Real and get in the ring to compete. There's no right answer - it's up to YOU to decide! ⁠

Choosing to box for REAL is when the work begins and it may not necessarily mean that you have to compete, but rather you want to try contact sparring even once. You are ready to apply and test your skills from the first two levels in a real fight scenario, in the ring. 🥊⁠

This part of your journey is very exciting as you get to tap into what a boxer experiences in a fight. This may also be the first time that someone's throwing punches at you, which for most people can be super scary BUT it's so satisfying when you finally slip a punch or land one!⁠

In order to spar, there are a few things you need to complete as per the rules here in Canada, but we can walk you through it once you join our classes!⁠

Competing as an amateur can be done a few ways: club show, corporate charity event, or tournament style. Each option has many pros and cons - we suggest you discuss with your coach which option is best for you, or DM us for advice!⁠