GJWB for Real:

Even with women’s boxing entering the Olympics finally in 2012, the path for girls that want to box FOR REAL (amateur and/or professional) is not always clear and finding the collective support is not always easily accessible. Your hope might be to compete as an: amateur, professional or corporate boxer, OR perhaps you've decided you want to be a coach? How do I get there, where are the opportunities and who can I talk to? 

GJWB is all about sharing knowledge, experiences, and ultimately women's unbridled passion for the sport. EDUCATE, CONNECT, and NETWORK.

Women boxers need sparring, training tips and tricks, & a community of like-minded individuals. We all know that coaches will always have limitations, people don't know what they don't know. We hope to provide the information that can help bridge these gaps, for any women boxer and your coach. We will be sharing nutritional information specific to reaching and staying at your fight weight, continuously developing women's boxing gear, and/or how to become a GJWB approved coach/club or sponsored athlete.

The bottom line is: we need more women fighting and training for all the reasons stated above. We need to support each other in competition and out, in training and work together to further our careers and future in the amazing world of boxing! Women aren't small men, we train and fight differently, hence why we must be surrounded by more women to learn, grow and multiply. 👊🏼💜 

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