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style Diamond Level 1 - Boxing FUN-damentals

Our Level 1 Beginner Boxing is all about the FUN-Damentals and foundations of boxing. We view every beginner boxer as a diamond in the rough ready to get strong and confident.

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We will provide classes in person and online, drills, boxing terms and technique to help educate our GJWB boxers about the sweet science. We have tagged the relevant gear, classes, blogs and online training with a Diamond so you know what information is applicable to the beginner or those wanting to brush up on the basics, which is never a bad thing!ย 

Our STRENGTH training component starts with the basics and we help you master your first push-up, proper squat, and learn how to direct your body weight behind a punch!ย 

We will EDUCATE you on what to expect going to a boxing class whether it is GJWB instructed or not. What gear you should buy for your level of experience, weight, or bone structure. We will EMPOWER you to go to any gym and feel confident in what you can ask for and expect to experience to keep you on track to be fighting fit and ensure you are #protectingthepretty!ย