"Protect the pretty" is our motto and a movement. It not only refers to keeping your hands up while boxing to protect your face, but for all women, it means protecting their privacy and the essence of who they are mentally and physically. Protecting their bodies by keeping them healthy with proper nutrition, and the body image of what a strong confident girl at any age can be.

The #protectthepretty initiative is a worldwide goal to teach young girls, teens, and women of all ages how to ‘protect the pretty’ through boxing and finding strength in self-love and our boxing community.

GJWB's mission is to give young girls and women confidence, educate them about 360 health and wellness, breakdown gender stereotypes and inclusion to allow them into the world of boxing that is not always open or accessible to women. 

Coach Kristina has spoken at corporate wellness days, women's groups, various panels and numerous events promoting the benefits of boxing for men and women's levels of anxiety, overall confidence, day to day life and the transformational benefits of boxing for your overall health and weight loss. For more information on having a #protecthepretty chat at your organization, school or company please email: info@girlsjustwannabox.com.