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GJWB ⚡️ VBC - Virtual Boxing Club + In-Studio

Uniting women around the world
through their lo...

Uniting women around the world

through their love of the sport of boxing. We know every gym or club can't be everything to everyone so we hope to fill and bridge the gaps by offering the boxing technique, education, products and training online and becoming the community to support us in our journey with the sweet science.

Join us for smaller group classes in person at our studio location in Mind-Set S&C 59 Comstock Rd. in East Toronto, bordering Scarborough OR from the comfort of your home via zoom.  

In-Studio Covid Protocols: 
1. You MUST Register for class via the GLOFOX APP
2. Full detailed protocol is sent by Email
3. You will be greeted at the door with a few questions and asked to sanitize and go straight to your workout station wearing a mask 
4. You may remove your mask while working out but if you leave your station the mask goes back on
5.  You will be asked to wipe down your equipment after your workout and leave within 5-10mins

See our classes and register for your GLO FOX account here. 

If you have any questions while setting up and downloading your Glo Fox and/or Zoom, or about our protocol please do not hesitate to email us:  info@girlsjustwannabox.com 

Let's punch COVID-19 in the face together!  XO TEAM GJWB ⚡️ VBC