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style Star Level 5


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It's time to step into the ring - what is your ring style, persona (aka your sasha fierce) fight name, and omg what is the plan after? These are all the things to think of when getting ready to fight along with are you at your fight weight? (Check out our What's your Fight Weight? programs to get you there). Have you done all the hard work top prep and leap into the ring knowing you did your best planning, training and preparation. Whatever happens; whether it is your first fight or your 50th you know you did your best and will learn from win or loss to continue growing as a boxer. Every boxer needs a team and GJWB wants to be a part of yours and hopefully we have helped you this get this far if not directly...indirectly!

If you are only having one fight, what comes next? Are you looking to win your local provincials or state weight division to go on to the Nationals and compete internationally? Are you deciding whether to turn pro and what are the pros and cons for women. Level 5 is where dive into the discussions of what careers you can have in boxing. What does it mean financially for you as a female boxer? How can you train for a such a time consuming and unforgiving sport you love and balance all other things in life and keep your body safe.

Level 5 is all about being a shining star in the world of boxing and standing out with a strong brand that can get you sponsorship, start your own boxing based business, inspire others and go on to the next level of your boxing journey. This is sometimes the hardest thing to do, but our team is here to help. We are building a line of tools to help you do this for yourself!  

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