I’ve never boxed before. Which class should I take?

Our classes are labeled for all levels, which means beginner, intermediate and advanced are welcome! We will customize the class to fit your level - with boxing we can easily adjust to make the combinations and movements harder or easier with the class participants! 

I don’t have any equipment- gloves or handwraps. 

No problem!

You don’t need to have handwraps and boxing bag gloves for your first class. We can provide you with a glove fitting and help you find the perfect pair for you! 

What should I wear/bring?

We suggest wearing comfortable athletic gym wear - that can be shorts, legging, sweatpants, tank tops, tshirts, you choose! 

If you don’t have boxing boots, we suggest running shoes. 

Lastly - please come with a water bottle (we have a fountain to refill if you need). 

* boxing gloves and handwraps are required for classes, but if it’s your first class not a worry! 

I’ve never boxed before. I am nervous. 

Boxing can be a very intimidating sport - both coaches Helene & Kristina have experienced this first hand, but we have created a community of like-minded women that creates a supportive environment to learn the sport! Just remember that you can always work at your own pace, our coaches will guide you through the whole way, ask questions, and just remember #girlsjustwannaboxforfun while we learn the real sport! 

I don’t want to get punched. 

No worries! Our classes are non-contact. Should you choose to spar (and get punched) you will can speak with a coach and you will be required to get a license with Boxing Ontario. 

How much are classes? 

Your first class with GJWB is free! You can redeem this here

After your first class our memberships are offered in the form of punchcards: 5 class, 10 class, or 20 class. 

Where can we find classes?

We have a studio classes in Toronto, Ontario in the studio spaced called: Mind-Set Strength & Conditioning (find us here) where we offer a 5 level program for teen girls & women to learn the sport of boxing at all levels.

+We also have our Virtual Boxing Club running online through Zoom.

Both class schedules can be found using our booking app: GloFox

Do you have more questions

Feel free to email us: info@girlsjustwannabox.com and we’ll be happy to answer!