I want to try boxing! Where do I go? What do I ask? Don't worry ... we got you!

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We totally understand when you go to a new gym let alone a boxing club it can be super intimidating.

The regular boxing clubs usually have little to no women, they may not be the newest, cleanest, or even have women's washrooms. Then you go to one of the new fitness boxing places and everyone is working out in a sports bra, sipping somewhat over-priced smoothies and looking way to good to be sweating...lol and if that is your jam there is nothing wrong with that! We also know you may not live in Toronto and can't come to one of our classes...yet. So in the meantime, we hope to give you some information and the right questions to ask... so you can find your 'Happy Boxing Place'.  We understand even entering certain boxing clubs can be intimidating and overwhelming, but here are a few questions to ask to make sure you get everything you need out of a club or gym.

Boxing Club Vs. Boxing Fitness Gym 

  •  Do you offer female only classes? A regular boxing club nowadays will have a women's class but be careful it's not a 'box fit' class with over 60 people. There is no way one coach can give more than 20 people enough attention to teach them any specifics. If you just want to get a sweat on thats okay to just know what you are getting into to. If its a box fit gym make sure that the instructors know enough to teach you something properly, look up their bio's and see if they have any boxing training outside of their box fit gym. You don't want to develop bad habits, because they are really hard to change moving forward. Not impossible just less ideal.
  • Do you have any female coaches? This is a great question to ask; in our experience female coaches teaching will give more instruction and will answer ALL THE QUESTIONS you will most likely ask. Again, I have only had male coaches and most have been great. Did I annoy them with all my questions... you bet i did! But that's how we do! 😆 Again if it's a boxing fitness type club, look up the coaches and do some research. If you know enough already to get something out of a 45 min no technique class that's great... get that calorie burn in!
  • What is the structure of the class? Find out if the will be running you around and having you do burpees and throwing punches in the air for the hour or is there a technical and application side to the class - this is ideal.
  • What do I need to participate in your classes? This is a great class because you don't want to show up and feel pressured to buy their hand wraps or gloves or go for it and support our local businesses. Old school boxing clubs will give you gloves that have been used for a few years, lol vs. a boxing fitness club that will have a glove cleaner and rental system. It is always best to have your own for obvious reasons.
  • Do you offer open gym time to practice on my own? This is a big difference in these style of clubs; boxing is learned through repetition and if you want to keep practising after a class at your own pace ask if this is an option. Its more likely at a regular boxing club that is not class based gym only.
  • Do you have mirrors to look at my stance and footwork? We are noticing allot of clubs don't have mirrors stating people don't want to look at themselves working out. Well in boxing its important to be able to watch your form stance etc. especially as a beginner. You can always do your mirror work at home but something to consider if that is important to you.
  • Do you have any competitive boxers? Are any women? That will tell you allot about the focus of the gym, and if their coaches have active fighters its more likely they could take you to a competitive level if you think that is your end goal.

Remember: In the province of Ontario you shouldn't be sparring without a boxing license and a medical. We recommend technical sparring with no blows to the head after three to ten months of training. *Special cases and fast track programs may be the exception with high level coaches. DO YOUR RESEARCH. 

Do you have any questions? We are here to help! Please comment below on the things you want to know about boxing or boxing fitness clubs!? xo GJWB

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  • Interested in class for my 14 yr old daughter…

    Miriam Blackwood on
  • I wanna learn more and cost ,interested in for my 17 yr old ,14 ,12 ,n 5 girls .please advise I live in Nashville ,TN

    India Cruite on
  • Hello – I would like to speak to someone about a boxing 101 class. I cannot sign up as it says my browser is incompatible. Looking to learn more.
    Thank you,
    416 829 5489

    Rachelle Hansen on

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