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style Moon Level 4

So you have decided to box, now what? 

"In the world of boxing, being punched in the face is a privilege not a right. You need to put the time in - and learn how to 'Protect The Pretty' so keep your hands up!" Kristina Ejem Coach & GJWB founding Partner

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The phases of the moon is a complicated and wondrous thing just as the process of becoming a competitive boxer and the phases of development to get there. First you need to decide what type of boxer you are? Are you an amateur boxer wanting to one day compete in the Olympics or as a Professional? Wait, what are the differences because there are many. Are you interested in having a corporate boxing match and fighting for charity? All of these decisions need a strategy, training plan, and eventually a fight plan. In this level we will strive to answer all these questions with our blogs, online videos, podcasts and help you with achieving these goals through a solid fight path. 

We will do our best to get in touch with our network of fighters, boxers, coaches, managers and organizations to help you at any phase of where you want to go all the while #protecting the pretty arming you with the most information possible. It's your greatest asset as a soon to be official fighter. 👊🏼❤️


Did you know you shouldn’t be sparring unless you have a boxing license?