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GJWB for Fun:
Boxing to get fit is where the ma...

GJWB for Fun:

Boxing to get fit is where the majority of women start out. We want to help you learn the basics, the FUN-damentals, and all in a non-intimidating exciting atmosphere. 👊🏼 We want you to take our classes in person and now you can join from anywhere online by joining our Virtual Boxing Club.

GJWB for Fun is the gateway to the world of boxing and all the amazing things that women get from the sweet science.

GJWB is an all female boxing club for women at any age trying to find the thing that sparks their excitement about getting fit and let's be honest punching stuff is an awesome way to torch calories, tone up and de-stress. BUT, just because you want to box for fun doesn't mean you shouldn't be learning the real sport of boxing from the beginning. Through the expertise of our network of female coaches and boxers, and our five level boxing program our community opens its arms to you to provide the support, training and answers to your questions during your boxing journey wherever YOU decide to take it.

Click here to take a class with us and start your boxing journey!