'The Wonder' Women's Boxing Bag Gloves 10oz. & 12oz.

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The 'Wonder' was designed in classic boxing colours with a nod to how boxing makes you feel like a wonder woman! GJWB gloves are designed in Canada.

Our women's boxing gloves are designed by us, female boxers & coaches. Our gloves are created with fashion and function in mind because those two things should not be mutually exclusive.

+ The GJWB 4 layer foam is continued throughout the hand and constructed to fit snugly for a women's hand, wrist and bone structure.
+ There is a connected split thumb with adjusted sizing again to fit women properly.

PRO-TIP: A boxing glove's wrist should not be halfway down your forearm or close to your elbow. It should actually be on your wrist!


**All colours and styles are all limited editions, we cannot guarantee any restocks.