GJWB for Fun:

Boxing to get fit is where the majority of women start out. We want to help you learn the basics, the FUN-damentals, and all in a non-intimidating exciting atmosphere! We want you to take our classes in person and on online by joining our virtual boxing club! 

GJWB for Fun is the gateway to the world of boxing and all the amazing things that women get from the sweet science.

GJWB for Fun is a virtual boxing club for women at any age trying to find the thing that sparks their excitement about getting fit and let's be honest punching stuff is an awesome way to torch calories, tone up and de-stress. BUT, just because you want to box for fun doesn't mean you shouldn't be learning the real sport of boxing from the beginning. Through the expertise of our network of female coaches and boxers, and our five level boxing program our community opens its arms to you to provide the support, training and answers to your questions during your boxing journey wherever YOU decide to take it.

Here is how we breakdown our levels and instruction:

Level 1-3 Beginner (Diamond): FOR FUN

Diamond: Learning the basics and the foundation of the sport of boxing.

Level 2/3 Intermediate (Lighting/Heart) FOR FUN/FOR REAL (HEART LEVEL)

Lightning: Enhancing the basic foundation with speed, strength and accuracy.

Heart: Where does your heart lie: this is where you decide if your heart wants to continue boxing for fun or transition to boxing for real and actually work towards competing.

Level 4/5 Competitor/Coach (Moon/Star) FOR REAL

Moon: Learn fight strategy and what style of fighter you’ll become.

Star: We work with you to find your star power...fight name, fight song, and overall brand as a fighter, this is also where we look to sponsor and or manage boxers careers with guidance or official management.

GJWB for Real:

Even with Women’s boxing entering the Olympics finally in 2012, the path for girls that want to box for real is not always clear and finding the collective support is not always easily accessible. When you are boxing FOR REAL you might be looking to or are already competing as an amateur, professional or corporate boxer, or perhaps you decided you wanted to be a coach? You may have questions about if competing is right for you, and would love to connect with someone willing to answer your questions or help you with fight strategy, or if you want to spar what does that mean? The GJWB VCB (virtual boxing club) is for sharing knowledge, experiences, and ultimately women's unbridled passion for the sport. We will be educating and connecting women for sparring, training tips and tricks, a forum to discuss all of the above will also be available. We all know that coaches will always have limitations, people don't know what they don't know. We hope to provide the information that can help bridge these gaps, for you and your coach. We will be sharing nutritional information specific to reaching and staying at your fight weight, continuously developing women's boxing gear, and/or how to become a GJWB approved coach/club or sponsored athlete and how to navigate the world of boxing as a woman!  The bottom line is we need more women fighting and training for all the reasons stated above. We need to support each other in competition and out, in training and working together to further our careers and future in the amazing world of boxing! 👊🏼💜