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style Level 1

Our women's beginner boxing is all about the FUN-Damentals and foundations of boxing. We view every women as a diamond in the rough ready to get strong and confident.

style Level 2

Our women's boxing lightning level 2 will build on the foundations that you have started with your strength and fundamentals in Level 1.

Boxing is such an amazing sport because there is always more to learn.

style Level 3

You've got to have HEART to box is an expression your hear allot in boxing. Our level 3 of the program is where you decide where your heart lies in this amazing sport of boxing.

style Level 4

So you have decided to box or coach for real, now what? 

"In the world of boxing, being punched in the face is a privilege not a right. You need to put the time in - and learn how to 'Protect The Pretty' so keep your hands up and your feet fast!" Kristina Ejem Coach & GJWB founding Partner

style Level 5