GJWB Philosophy & Products

Just because girls box for FUN doesn't mean they shouldn't learn the REAL sport of boxing and just because a girl boxes for REAL doesn't mean she shouldn't have fun while doing it! Or in the least be her choice to do either...this is the GJWB way.

First and foremost we are a community brand – uniting women through their love of the sport of boxing. Boxing is a tool for women to get fit, find their outer and inner strength, build confidence, and when done properly is in a fun, exciting and organized environment the GJWB way!

Women have been boxing since as early as the 18th century, yet the lack of female designed handwraps, gloves, and protective gear has been slim to none. We are here to change this!  

The GJWB products are designed by women for women and where possible manufactured by women as well! We design each product with Fashion AND Function in mind. Our gear was created to #protectthepretty while making us smile every-time we wrap our hands or pull the gloves on. 

Women should be wearing equipment and clothing to match our bodies. Let’s make the mold rather than be molded. Boxing embodies both a physical and mental sport. Therefore we not only want to use boxing to as a tool to get into shape, but as a well to build confidence, grow stronger, and know that we can accomplish things beyond our wildest dreams!