GJWB 'FAST HANDS' Women's Coaching Hand Pads

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Nothing is more important than the fit of a hand pad. The amount of wear and tear on coaches can be mitigated with properly fitting gear. Most female boxers don't even realize the damage that can be done with oversized hand pads made for larger men. 

Non-leather; made from polyurethane.

+ The contour at the wrist fits smaller hands.
+ GJWB custom fit 
+ 2 layer padding creating a lighter fit and ability to direct the power of punches not absorb them.
+ There is a lock and load velcro adjustable strap and palm ball for less movement also protecting the wrist, elbows and shoulders. 
+ We have made the hand shape and overall size smaller to fit woman's hands, but many male coaches love them too.

PRO-TIP: For beginners we do not recommend holding hand pads. Our paddles or sticks are much more manageable and safer for beginners.

Sizing Guide:

*PLEASE NOTE all of our equipment is made with man-made fibres and can melt under direct sunlight or extreme heat for extended periods of time. Do not leave in your car or in direct sunlight.