Girls Just Wanna Box Signature Crop Tee Series

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Our GJWB embroidered Crop Tee's are perfect for action in the ring or out! Bring your ring-style to the street or back home for training and chilling. 

These light-weight, ultra-soft, long crop tops will fit your boxer shoulders perfectly.

We have 2 colour options to choose from:

🥊 White Crop with GJWB initials (in Black) - 65% Polyester/35% Viscosa

🥊 Black Crop with Girls Just Wanna Box (in Multi-Colour) - 65% Polyester/35% Viscosa

We are excited to have once again collaborated with - Hilary Macmillian for our signature Tee series. HM is a cruelty-free, size inclusive womenswear brand based right here in Toronto, Canada. 

Small Medium Large
Bust 34½" 36½ " 39½ "


25½" 26½" 28½ "
Hips 36"  37" 39"

*These crop tees hang mid waist height

Gym Photo Credit: Denise Militzer / Canadian Women and Sport