Boxing Coaches and WHY they need to be the right fit

boxing coach: helene instructing teen girls

Photo credit: Denise Meltzer

coach (kōch)⁠
In Sports a person who trains or directs athletes or athletic teams.⁠
A person who gives instruction or guidance: a boxing coach; a life coach.⁠

A boxing coach is someone who is licensed by the governing body of their province, state or territory. ⁠

Boxing is a lifelong journey and you really should mentally plan to have many coaches in your life. The hope is to learn the different aspects of your sport, let their mastery become a part of yours as no one coach is the same. Also no single coach knows everything and to support you as a boxer your coach should allow some input and collaboration for the benefit of your progression where possible.⁠

There should always be a mutual respect in the relationship. If that's not the case you might want to think about finding that coach who has your best interest at heart. ⁠

GJWB is creating a network of female and female supportive coaches, boxing leaders and community that want growth in the sport through positive gender equity.⁠

Our coaching philosophy at GJWB is technique is the rule, not the exception. Style is something you develop as you grow, and progression over perfection is the only way to become a better boxer or person for that matter. ⁠

What is the most important thing a coach has taught you?

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