Announcing TEAM GJWB 👊💜

announcement of TEAM GJWB ambassadors with the star logo

team (tiːm) ⁠
n (sometimes functioning as plural)⁠
A number of persons associated together in work or activity: such as: a group on one side (as in football or a debate) b: CREW, GANG⁠


Is a community first and foremost. Even though boxing is an individual sport, it takes a team to make a fighter. ⁠

The best fighters have a solid team behind them. ⁠

GJWB wants to be that TEAM for all females in the sport. When we connect and support each other there is nothing we can’t do together. ⁠

Teach the sport⁠
Connect & find sparring partners ⁠
Support each other with money by watching fights⁠
Create opportunities⁠
Grow the boxing community ⁠
Job creation within the sport⁠
Educate - Develop - Connect ⁠
Be one so they can see one⁠

Empowered women - Empower women ⁠

We are doing this to create a better present day in boxing and we are seeing it move in the right direction finally but we have a long way to go. We are doing this for the future for our lil stars of boxing.⁠

We have put together a fantastic group of Ambassadors & Mentors for our TEAM. Each of which brings their own experience, personality, role within boxing, and passion for driving the sport in the best direction.

We can't wait to introduce you to the stars of TEAM GJWB as we will continue to grow and be the world’s largest female boxing community!

We will be posting profiles of each of them over the next few weeks so stay tuned. 

**By following us here - you are already part of the TEAM. If we haven’t said it yet - WELCOME!! :) **

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