The third (WO)man in the ring & corner (Official & Cutman)

GJWB ambassador Lee Smith in the ring with two female boxers

Official: Lee Smith (TEAM GJWB member) Photo credit: Boxing Ontario

Boxing official: The third (WO)man in the ring. ⁠

The role of the official or referee is to give instructions to each boxer and determine:⁠

+when to start/stop a count when a fighter is down⁠
+ when a foul/warning/or points should be taken away⁠
+ signal when the round is over⁠
+ if the fight needs to be stopped due to a fighters health and call a TKO⁠

An official is definitely not always appreciated but they play a starring role in the drama of the match and most importantly the safety of the boxers. ⁠

Did you know that taking an official course can help to learn exactly how points are given, taken away and what the judges are looking for? We recommend all athletes and coaches take the course. For anyone in Ontario - Boxing Ontario courses can be found HERE.

Cut (Wo)Man: The third (WO)man outside the ring. ⁠

Responsible for preventing and treating physical damage to a fighter during the breaks between rounds. You can take a cut course HERE with Boxing Ontario, coaches Helene & Kristina have their Level 1 certification and look forward to getting their Level 2.⁠

This may be the most underrepresented role for women. It may not be the job for everyone especially if you are squeamish, but it is definitely one of the most important to a fighter while in the ring in order to helping them #protecthepretty literally. ⁠

Education and representation matters. ⁠

Did you ever thinking about taking either of these courses? Will you now?!

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