Female Annoucers in boxing? - Rare, but they do exist!

Yvette Raposo - female ring announcer in the ring with a microphone

Female Ring Announcer & TEAM GJWB member: Yvette Raposo

an·nounc·HER (ə-noun′sər)⁠
One that announces, especially a person who introduces programs, reads announcements, or provides commentary on television or radio.⁠

Women in the boxing media, commentating, and announcing world seem to be few and far between to the general public, but they are there and HAVE BEEN THERE working hard in the boxing game. ⁠

TEAM GJWB will be shining a light on them all.

The future where 'all female cards' exist that include female referees, commentators, and announcers is on the horizon.⁠

This future is bright and is the only one we are here for. Oh yeah and equitable pay....that too!⁠

The female voice in boxing is getting louder and GJWB will be the megaphone  for it. ⁠
Who is your favourite female voice in boxing?

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