Boxers: how to wrap your hands

Pink boxing handwraps in a mesh bag

Lets start with: why do we even wrap our hands in the first place?! Protection – also in line with our motto: #ProtectThePretty; we must protect our hands including both our wrist and knuckles which will also protect your elbows and shoulders. 

To start wrapping your hands the first step is to take them out of your GJWB wrap travel and wash bag. Then unravel the wraps to find the thumb loophole. Choose whatever colour or pattern your are feeling for the day and feel free to twist the reversible fabric to change up the look anytime! The GJWB hand wrap was redesigned because wraps have been the same for decades. We are eliminating the need to cut up a kitchen sponge and try to place it in-between your wraps for extra comfort and protection, amirite!? 

Follow below and/or watch our video:  

Step 1: Open velcro, unravel holding the thumb loop & choose your colour vibe for the workout with our reversible styles.⁠
Step 2: Hook the thumb loop and pull the wrap over your wrist 2-3 times.⁠
Step 3: Pull across your palm thumb to pinky and over the knuckles (ensuring the sponge is flat) 2-3 times.⁠
Step 4: Pull the wrap (taut not tight) back to the wrist in an X across the top of your hand.⁠
Step 5: Back around the wrist and repeat in an X to the knuckles again continue to wrist until there is no wrap left.⁠
Step 6: IMPORTANT: Make sure your velcro ends on your wrist and you can twist between the velcro to fit your size of wrist and how tight you like the wrist support to be! 

This is the quick and easy way to wrap your hands. You will need to practise before it happens quickly without thinking too much so be patient with yourself or find a coach to wrap you up from time to time! 👊🏼😉

You don't have our handwraps yet?! Head over to the store to get yourself a pair!!


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