International Women's Boxing Hall of Fame 2023/2024

GJWB partners Helene and Kristina on the step and repeat

Two weeks ago, GJWB brought a group from Toronto & Newfoundland to the 2023/2024 International Women’s Boxing Hall of Fame (IWBHOF) last weekend - October 6&7 - to celebrate both the 10th anniversary of the IWBHOF & 25 years of the WBAN!

Some words to describe the weekend include: empowerment, fighter, community, hard-work, determination, persistence, attitude, histories-first, champion, and deserving. ⁠

It was such an honour to be able to be a partner of the event, pay tribute to all their efforts to help pave the way for the future of women's boxing, and to provide these women with not only a platform to share their stories but also acknowledge their efforts & accomplishments. 🤩⁠

Team GJWB at the IWBHOF step and repeat

Cheryl Torrance GJWB member, coach Helene, Lyla Simon Boxing Ontario Official, Lita Mae Button former professional boxer and coach, coach Kevin, and coach Kristina.

Friday afternoon [October 6th] was the pre-celebration in order to have an additional meet & greet with the 2023/2024 inductees & to also award a few special awards.

It was an emotional afternoon as Sue TL Fox surprised 3 pioneers (Pat Pineda [pictured above], Dar Buckskin, and Jamie Johnson) with mini WBAN belts since championships belts didn’t exist when they were boxing, so they were unable to earn one. As they received their belts, the room erupted with cheers & tears.

Special award recipients included:

Olivia Gerula (26 year anniversary as an active boxer), Alicia Ashey (oldest pro boxer, male or female, to become a world champion), Chevelle Hallback (26 year anniversary as an active boxer), Layla McCarter (25 year anniversary as an active boxer), Marty Robert Wynn (2023 ‘Beyond the Ropes’ award), Michael O’Neill - posthumous (Contributions in women’s boxing & journalism), Regina Halmich (2023 Lifetime Achievement Award), Jamie Johnson (2024 pioneer in women’s boxing), Stuart Breslow (2024 ‘Beyond the Ropes’ award), and Sumya Anani (2024 Lifetime Achievement Award)

GJWB Partners Kristina and Helene with California's first women's professional boxer Pat Pineda

Coaches Helene & Kristina with Pat Pineda (1st professional female boxer in the state of California) with her WBAN mini belt that was awarded to her at the October 6th ceremony.

 Saturday night [October 7th] festivities included a video message congratulating 2023/2024 inductees from Amanda ‘the Real Deal’ Serrano & Barbara Buttrick (pioneer of women’s boxing from the UK), a beautiful dinner, and speeches from the inductees sharing their gratitude and stories from their past.

2023 Inductee recipients: Jennifer Alcorn, Kaliesha West, Kim Messer, Leah Mellinger, Melissa McMorrow, Laura Ramsey, Sonya Lamonakis, Yvonne Trevino, Melissa Del-Valle, Jill Diamond Chastain, Dallas Malloy, & Bruce Silverglade

2024 Inductee recipients: Daniella Smith, Sindy Amador, Maria Jesus Rosa (posthumous), Rhonda Luna, Stacy Prestage, Judy Kulis, Lou Dibella, Jenny Reid, Esther Schouten, Suzy Taylor, & Agnieszka Rylik.

2023 & 2024 IWBHOF inductees with their awards. Featuring 18 inductees and 4 special award recipients at the Orleans Hotel & Casino

2023 and 2024 IWBHOF inductees with their awards

This was the biggest (attendance wise) event for the IWBHOF since its inception in 2014 and GJWB is so lucky to be apart of this prestigious event!!

We congratulate and THANK all these people for their efforts as without them, GJWB would not exist.

We look forward to inducting and celebrating the next class of 2025 👊

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