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GJWB owners Helene & Kristina in front of a boxing ring

GJWB hosts its first Sunday Funday Fights!

On Sunday April 21st 2024, GJWB made one of its long-term goals/dreams come true! We hosted our first GJWB all-women’... more

GJWB start image

The GJWB Team!

In June 2021 we announced our TEAM GJWB Ambassador team!! But do you know who they are?!  Depending on your learning... more

GJWB partners Helene and Kristina on the step and repeat

International Women's Boxing Hall of Fame 2023/2024

Two weeks ago, GJWB brought a group from Toronto & Newfoundland to the 2023/2024 International Women’s Boxing Hal... more

Claressa Shields boxer holding title belts with a crown

Women's Boxing in 2020

*Cover photo of Claressa Shields We can all agree that 2020 has been challenging, but we ... more

Fast and Female

Why are role models important?

The Webster definition of a role model is: a person whose behaviour in a particular role is imitated by others. Being... more

Woman boxer in Girls Just Wanna Box tshirt smiling

Boxing & Females making fight weight

How my view of food changed after fighting and competing in women's boxing. more