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Claressa Shields boxer holding title belts with a crown

Women's Boxing in 2020

*Cover photo of Claressa Shields We can all agree that 2020 has been challenging, but we ... more

Fast and Female

Why are role models important?

The Webster definition of a role model is: a person whose behaviour in a particular role is imitated by others. Being... more

Woman boxer in Girls Just Wanna Box tshirt smiling

Boxing & Females making fight weight

How my view of food changed after fighting and competing in women's boxing. more

Injury, Pain, & Recovery. Strengthen other areas.

Injury, Pain, & Recovery. Strengthen other areas.

In the last year, I have had 3 injuries- nothing broken, but enough to put me out for 2 months- including my most rec... more

Woman in workout clothes in a boxing stance standing in front of a blue background outside

I want to try boxing! Where do I go? What do I ask? Don't worry ... we got you!

We totally understand when you go to a new gym let alone a boxing club it can be super intimidating. We outline some... more