Pre-fight Nerves

2 boxers in the ring with official waiting for judges results

Coach Helene here writing this because we have received a few messages about this topic and some of you will be entering the ring for your first bouts soon!

First & foremost, being nervous before a fight is totally okay! Whether it is your 1st fight, 3rd, or 50th fight - it doesn't matter, it is natural to feel nervous. Hopefully knowing this can make you feel a bit better that you are not alone in this!

There can be lots of thoughts going through your head in the week leading up and the day of your fight - thoughts of doubt, preparedness, skill level of your opponent, and the thought of winning vs loosing.

I personally think its important to feel all the feels. I don't believe these thoughts and feelings should be suppressed, but I also don't think they need to consume ALL of your thoughts. Especially if this is your first fight- there is a lot of NEW! Its important to remember that (in your taper week & day of) you [should] have completed all the physical training. You completed all your runs (or cardio substitute), you had various sparring experiences (more experienced than you/less experienced than you), and the necessary shadowboxing and bag work. Physically you should be/have peaked (so no need to worry about this element) and now it comes down to honing in on the mental aspect.

The mental aspect can be one of the hardest parts. We are our own worst critics. I would recommend for your taper week (& fight night) - use this time (continue if you have already started) to work on meditation & breath work exercises to help calm the mind and focus. Remind yourself of the game plan that you and your coach have decided upon. Again if you haven't already- maybe even start a journal and write down all your thoughts. Keep reminding yourself of why you have decided to do this!

Another super important element is to: BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! They say the fight is won when you step between those ropes and I couldn't agree more! When you enter that ring - you need to enter with confidence in yourself and your abilities. Your opponent and their coach will sniff out any insecurities. You enter that ring with the winning mentality - because to be honest you have won by doing just that.

In regards to the safety aspect - bouts are sanctioned by the governing body of your province/state. There are referees and doctors at these events and their job is to ensure the safety of the boxers at all times.

Lastly - remember to have fun! For some of you this may be a one and done so make the most of it!

If you still need a mantra for fight night, use: I'VE GOT THIS!!

Let me know if this is helpful in the comments below!

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