Why women should spar women

female boxers inside a boxing ring
We fight other women in the ring
Weight difference isn't equal
Boxing styles are different

These are just a few of the many reasons why we recommend women spar with other women. ⁠ We fully understand that most gyms don’t have enough women to spar each other or get quality rounds due to discrepancy in weight and/or experience. ⁠Let’s discuss why it's better to spar with women.

🥊⁠ Let’s  be honest when you spar with a man the one benefit is you may feel you can apply all your power. Until you hurt him and unless the man is very disciplined he may get upset and come back at you even harder and most likely leave you feeling defeated and/or hurt for no reason. *Most of us who have sparred with men (or young men that are your weight) have experienced this.

⁠🥊 Again we understand this in many times necessary if it's the only work you can get but things are changing and if you aren’t getting the work - be the one who starts an all female sparring opportunity at your gym. Ask your coach if they are really interested in your success -they will find the sparring for you!

⁠🥊 On fight night when we step into that ring - we are fighting another women. Let’s be honest again, women fight very differently than men. Nothing prepares you more than training & working with what you will be up against, no man prepares for a fight sparring with only women.

Women and men spar & fight differently, therefore we highly recommend getting sparring in with other women to best prepare yourself 🏆⁠

STOP WAITING for someone else to set up your success.
BE THE CHANGE! This was one of the reasons why we started our monthly Sunday Funday Sparring so that women from different gyms across Ontario could come and not only work with other women, but hopefully experience new styles, tactics, and opponents to work with.

Will you be the change needed in your city or country?! SPEAK UP and get things started where you are.

#girlsjustwannabox #gjwb #girlsjustwannaspar ⁠

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