What do you need to get started? Boxing FOR FUN & REAL

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What do you need to get started? FOR FUN & REAL

So you have decided you would like to try boxing or continue your boxing journey and take it to the next level– what do you need?! To get started, you will need a few things….
For the GIRLS who are beginner boxers, you will need:
Handwraps - this piece of equipment will help support your wrist and knuckles when you are doing bag work. Additionally, they will also make you feel like a real boxer! There are many different ways to wrap your hands, but a short and simply way is to:
1) Start by placing the loop around your thumb

2) Cross the wrap around your wrist (approximately 2-3 times depending on your wrist support needs)

3) Cross the wrap up towards your knuckles (again approximately 2-3 times depending on your knuckle support needs)

4) Bring the handwrap back down toward the wrist as this is where you will fasten the velcro to complete your handwrap.

Gloves (also referred to as bag gloves); You will need bag gloves (10oz, 12oz and/or 14oz) for heavy bag work and touching gloves with partner drills, you need to put on a pair of gloves to help protect your hands. The weight of the glove that you should be wearing can be determined based on your height, weight, and bone structure.

Fitness shoes or boxing boots? You are certainly more than welcome to wear fitness shoes to a boxing class, but investing in a pair of boxing boots is beneficial as they are lighter so they will help you move quicker and easily change direction. Just make sure your regular gym shoes have a low sole like a free runner as you don't want to twist your ankle doing footwork in a thick soled running shoe.

Gym clothes: This boils down to personal preference of whether you wish to wear shorts, leggings, t-shirt, tank top, or a sweat suit (if you really want a good sweaty session boxer style) to really – the choice is yours! The most important attribute is that you feel comfortable!

Skipping ropes: This is optional and also may be provided at your local boxing club or box fit gym. This is a great tool that many boxers use as a warm up, but certainly not necessary to learn how to box. This is a great tool to help build endurance and stamina, which is needed for a boxing class or fight!

For those of you who want to box for REAL you will need to:

Decided to Compete: Now that you have stepped over to the For Real side, you are looking to compete in your first amateur fight – whether this be a club show or charity event OR you have already done so and you are looking to continue fighting in amateur or advance to going professional.

Protective Gear: Includes mouthpiece, headgear, jill, chest protector (optional). All of these protection pieces are used while sparring and fighting. You will need to have all of the above in order (with the exception of the chest protector which is optional, but recommended) to participate in either.

Sparring gloves: Sparring gloves (usually 16oz) must be used for sparring as these have extra padding to avoid hurting anyone. Sparring is intended for learning and growing as a fighter, not with the intention to hurt anyone.

Do you have your boxing license & boxing medical: In order to spar and compete as a boxer, these two items are required. If you are located in Ontario, you may receive all forms from Boxing Ontario: www.boxingontario.com . If you reside outside of Ontario, please contact your local boxing organization for these forms.

Be ready to start your own business. It is financially draining to compete as a boxer, work a full time job, and fuel your body properly. We are here to help! We want you to be a role model for other female boxers (For Fun and For Real). We will provide you with the tools that you will help you for sponsorship (relating to boxing gear, apparel, supplements, etc) and potentially helping you build your own GJWB classes to coach other females the sport of boxing. As part of the GJWB brand, team and community we are also available for support both personally and professionally – us girls have got to stick together!


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