GJWB hosts its first Sunday Funday Fights!

GJWB owners Helene & Kristina in front of a boxing ring

On Sunday April 21st 2024, GJWB made one of its long-term goals/dreams come true! We hosted our first GJWB all-women’s amateur boxing card called Sunday Funday Fights!! 

Sunday Funday Fights was the evolution of Sunday Funday sparring offered on the last Sunday of the month at our gym. We started these a few years ago to help girls find new sparring partners, create a safe place to learn and grow, network with other athletes/coaches/gyms, and create opportunities for girls and women in the sport. GJWB has always been about community and this event was no different! We are here to bring together the community of girls and women of all ages to step into their power (both inner and outer) through the sport of boxing. We also encourage girls to box for real (competitively), but continue to have fun! 

Myself and Kristina are no strangers to the boxing event world and putting on shows, but this was different and special. I remember when I joined GJWB back in 2018 - Kristina and I spoke about eventually doing an event like this, but with ALL the other tasks we wanted to complete (and still want to accomplish) - this event had taken a seat on the back burner. 

Women’s boxing is definitely gaining more momentum now than it ever has, but the issue of getting females on amateur cards still seems to be a struggle. Some shows may have one female fight on the card, but lots are still not. Over the years we have supported and sponsored other all-female cards and we made a quick decision in February to put our own on in April. Instead of giving these girls & women 1 or 2 opportunities, let's make another! Because as we all know #girlsjustwannabox. 

We were able to have 11 bouts with ages ranging from 8 years old (funbox) to 46 years old (masters); we had experience levels ranging from first fights to nine fights; weight ranges from 29 kg to 81+kg; and boxers from 12 different clubs across Ontario & 1 from British Columbia. Our event showcased what makes boxing so special - it is for all ages, experience levels, and weight classes. 

In addition to having all female athletes participating, we were lucky to have 6 female coaches in the corner, an all female officials crew from Boxing Ontario [as the show was sanction by them], female physician, female DJ, female photographers, our very own TEAM GJWB ambassador Yvette Raposo as our ring announcer, and professional boxer Natasha ‘Nightmare’ Spence as our medal deliverer. 

The energy from the SOLD OUT audience was ELECTRIC! So thank you to all that attended and cheered these athletes on. From DJ Miss Kitte sharing the dancing vibes, Curbside Foods feeding the fighters/coaches and spectators, and our two very special booth sponsors Beck’s Broth and Pure Vita Labs (PVL) providing samples to everyone to both fuel, hydrate, and replenish! 

We would also like to give a BIG special thanks to our fighter bag sponsors: Henrys, Knix, Guru, Curly Prints, Organika. Lastly, to the volunteer team at LoveShack Toronto, and Oakville Boxing Academy for letting us rent your space. 

There’s a saying by Maya Angelou: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” I believe we made people feel accepted, special, supported, and for the girls/women that fought - welcomed in that ring!
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  • Such an amazing event, so great to see it come together! Congrats!!

    Helena on

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