WHAT is a Venus Belt & WHY should you wear one?!

franchon crews dezurn against a wall with gjwb venus belt on

There are other names that other companies have used including: female groin protector, jill, groin guard, or no-foul protector - that you may be more familiar with.

Other brands have not included and designed them for a woman - WILD WE KNOW…. For example pictured below is a Ringside one - PLEASE TELL US, WHAT IS THAT PROTECTING?!!!!

The Venus Belt was designed with a woman's body in mind and therefore contours to the figure of a female boxer for the ultimate fit with boxers saying "I don't even feel it there!" So we collaborated with VB to make special ones for YOU, OUR community! 

The guard is made with vegan pineapple leather and other locally sourced material to make it durable & lightweight for both sparring and in competition.

The belt protects the pelvis, uterus and reproductive organs. It also protects the hips, the liver and the kidneys.

Coaches Kristina and Helene believe all girls and women should be wearing a Venus Belt to #protectthepretty while sparring and competing. Boxing is a safe sport when practiced appropriately and with the right gear. Other brands are too big, bulky, and VERY unflattering - we only collaborate with products we love and the Venus Belt is one of them! ⁠

There are 2 versions:
1) The Trainer - designed to be worn over clothes and for sparring/training
2) The Competitor - designed to be worn under competitive shorts during competition
** The trainer can be worn in competition, but the competitor has a more flush front to hide better under competitive shorts.

To view our collection of Venus Belts - click HERE.
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